Stop Procrastinating…On Sale Nov 3 to 9th Only 99c

Change Your Bad Habits: Build Productive Habits to Overcome Procrastination


Want to Eliminate Procrastination, Be Disciplined, Stop Wasting Time And Be A Productive Person For Life?

This book contains steps and strategies which aim to help a person eliminate habits leading to procrastination. It also tackles when and how procrastination starts. It mentions situations, habits, and choices made early on, that are clear signs to becoming a procrastinator.

Learning to deal with the occasional or chronic procrastination will not only help you accomplish tasks you desire, but it will also help you find success you were previously missing out on. With this book, reach for those deadlines with sharp concentration and a better sense of commitment, which will break those bonds of procrastination you’ve let yourself get entangled in.

  • Finish things on time! Make your time count! So, what will you get from this book?
  • Insight into why we might procrastinate on tasks and assignments.
  • How to start the process of overcoming procrastination?
  • Strategies, which will help you get more focused and committed to your work.
  • Tips that will boost your overall productivity.
  • Checklists which will help monitor your progress.
  • What triggers or mistakes you should be aware of to avoid giving into procrastinating?
  • Tips to stay motivated and productive

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